Welcome to Produce Artillery Technology, a privately maintained site for Spud Gun enthusiasts and people interested in the Spud Gun field.  I know I can't compete with people like Ed Goldmann or Joel Suprise, but I hope to bring together a comprehensive gathering of information for everyone from beginners to seasoned spud gunners. 

02.20.03 - Okay, I've managed to find some time to work on RatioCalc. Without any more adu I give you RatioCalc 1.1 I added in an actual ratio process, so it can now truely be called RatioCalc. I also compiled it under the 2.4.19 kernel, and I'm going to test its ANSI C compliance sometime soon on as well.

12.03.02 - Its been quite a while since my last update, mainly because of school and lately hunting season.  I finally managed to get around to packaging the source and executable into a tar.gz file for people to download.  I also tested the file under the 2.4.18 Linux kernel with gcc 3.2 and it works just fine!  Without further delay I give you Ratio Calc 1.0b ready for your downloading pleasure!

10.25.02 - With college and all, I haven't been able to put as much time into my projects as I would like, but finally after months of slacking off, I finished my Linux port of Ratio Calc!  Keep in mind that it is a beta right now, as it only calculates chamber volumes right now.  I don't have the tar.gz files ready yet, as I'm working out the kinks of the install script and such, and I still have to write up the Readme file.  For now here's the source to RatioCalc for Linux 1.0b, it will compile under the 2.4.18-20 kernel, and on any ANSI C Compliant Windows Compiler.

07.17.02 - Huge update.  The SG125 is getting closer to being complete.  I have to file the mounting brackets, and assemble the frame, pvc and electrodes.  Also I've been super busy working on my port of Ratio Calc to Linux.  I have a actual program now, but its not ready for beta yet, as I still have two errors I'm working on fixing in the 217 lines of C that make up the program.  Once the errors are resolved, then I have to check the math to make sure its figuring the volume correctly, so it will probably be another week before its ready to be uploaded.  I hope to have the SG125 ready within a week and a half, so check back often to see some pictures of the progress.

07.08.02 - Damn, I bet everyone thought I was dead or something.  Actually I've been busy with lots of side projects, but I digress.  Disregard the last news update, the SG125 is back under development again.  I added four new shots of the gun in various states of work.  Basically all the PVC work is done, now I have to cut the wood for the frame, and possibly size down the combustion chamber a little.  Also, I've began work on porting a program called RatioCalc over to Linux.  Its not easy going, and it will be a long time before I have any kind of a beta ready.

05.28.02 - Well as I mentioned below, work on SG125 has been halted, but a new project has been born in its wake, the SG-1.5C.  Right now its in the design phase, being explored with some 3d renderings of possible configurations.  Check out the Drafting Board area for more info and some preliminary shots from Dimensions.

05.25.02 - Bad news, development has been halted on the SG125, due to someone swiping my materials!  More info coming later.

04.18.02 - Not really much of an update, but the weather is changing, so its officially spud gun season. As soon as I can get hold of some ammo and fuel, expect to see some pics of the cannons in service again!

03.06.02 - I ran a new test using a caulking tube for a projectile.  Did a decent amount of damage to a tree.  Find out more about it in the range photos.

02.25.02 - Finally, the SG125 has been unveiled!  Bolt action, bad ass, and cheaper than the SP9004.  Check it out in the Drafting Board area.  Also I tweaked some of the colors on the page, to make the links more visible.

01.22.02 - Modified some of the pages to make the links easier to see.  I also added some pictures to the Range Photos from my test firing of some Golf Ball Projectiles (GBP).  Go check 'em out to see what a golf ball does to a car door at 15 feet!

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